That's it, it's the end !

Developments on K9Copy stopped. After seven years, I decided to move on and get involved in other projects.

The DVD is obsolete, and I no longer believe in the future of desktop Linux.

I started working on this project after the installation of Mandrake. I thought it was wonderful and it could replace Windows. One thing was missing: a software to backup my DVD. That was my first program for Linux. I did not know what language to use, or what programming environment. I chose C + + and KDevelop on KDE, because it worked well on Mandrake.

Finally, several things disappointed me.

The first is the war between the different desktop environments (kde, gnome, xfce), which benefits no one and merely slow the penetration of Linux. Instead of writing things in duplicate, triplicate, it would have been preferable for people who develop these office managers combine their efforts to offer a seamless integration of applications, and this, regardless of the desktop environment on which they run. That's how I got hundreds of emails asking me: when will a version for Gnome?

The second is the lack of compatibility between the distributions, which greatly increases development time and testing. Before publishing a new version, I had to test the application on all major distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse, Mandriva, etc ...), in order to ensure that the application compiles on each of these distributions.

The third is that all my efforts to switch to Linux have been unsuccessful. Seven years later, I still have a dual boot Windows / Linux, and I am still forced to use Windows applications. I do also think that this situation could change, however, and for this reason that I stop everything. I stop to get involved in a fight that is not mine but that of large corporations trying to take advantage of this operating system to reap healthy profits (when they arrive).

I could still talk about many things, including anger and aggression in some users who can not run the software or with whom he routinely plant for reasons I do not understand.

My experience is not completely negative. I found it very enjoyable to program on Linux, especially KDE. I've always managed to find the piece of code that I missed when I was stuck.I also liked the fact that some people spontaneously give me a hand, either to debug the application or for translations.

I'll stop there. Anyway, I want to thank all those who have aided or abetted, developers, translators, package managers, users.

Thank you all,